Who we are?

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within a short time period, from where to where we have arrived...

Who we are? New ideas and changing needs are making us excited.

For a cleaner world, we are on the roads.

Since 2011 until today, for a cleaner world we are on the roads with electric energy.
Our reason for existence to being the main actor of the concepts of "technological design" and "sustainability" in business and city life.
Our cars provide their energy from electricity and we provide our energy from the solutions we produce to the changing world.

With our comprehensive design and R&D studies, we produce PILOTCAR vehicles with superior care and hard work in integrated production lines our own facilities.
"Sensitivity" is our main principle.

With the production experience we have gained since our establishment; we produced thousands of electric vehicles, such as golf carts, service carts, vans, ambulance vehicles and Gastrocar.

And we have made those electric vehicles important characters of everyday life.
We are excited by new ideas and changing needs, so we can design and manufacture our cars exactly to your needs and demands.

Our production facilities in Turkey and the United States, our offices in Germany and Bulgaria, dozens of engineers and extensive service network; with the passion of our customers to PILOTCAR, it continues to grow and increase its mileage with each passing day.

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