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Bursa Governor Münir Karaloglu visited Pilot automobile chairs Sanayi A.Ş. factory.


Pilot seat factory, member of the Board of Directors Mefkure Özkılıç, Huseyin Emerbülova and marketing manager Haluk Yetek welcomed by the Governor Karaloğlu staff had a chat at lunch. The Governor Karaloglu, who briefed the factory, examined the production area with the local production personnel transport tool.

To motivate the industrializer by visiting their factories at work and trying to lead the great city as governor of the province, said Governor Karaloglu: `Turkey has a claim to produce domestic vehicles, there is a target, 2023 targets. Domestic vehicle Only the automotive should not come. In particular, we have to see the electric service vehicles that we visit here today as part of the domestic vehicle production.Currently, the important works have succeeded in the PILOTCAR. Pilot already known as the seat brand, not only in Turkey, especially in the work machines, trucks, commercial vehicles in the world is a brand that is known and preferred, and now with the electric service vehicles called the PILOTCAR. I congratulate our industriators. We look around and we`re looking for a father. They are producing, working and open in front of Turkey.Turkey will surely reach the targets of 2023, 2053, 2071, but surely we will reach with our industriators. The state is not in production, but with the production. We are here to support them, and we are here for him, `he said.

As of 2016, Haluk Yetek, stating that there are targets for sending vehicles to every corner of the world, is currently the only domestic producers in Turkey in the sense of electric service vehicles and has approximately 900 units of vehicle capacity annually. Said.