It is everyone’s duty to leave the future generations a livable world.
On this subject, we are doing what we are supposed to do for our
share and we are manufacturing environmentally sensitive,
new generation %100 electrical vehicles.

Who can use electric vehicle?

  • 2023-09-19
Who can use electric vehicle?

As the electrical vehicles do not consume fuel and emit carbon dioxide, naturally, compared to gasoline or diesel vehicles, they are considered as a much more environmentally friendly “technology”. The transformation needed in the changing world requires us to feel responsibility not only for the tiny decisions in our life but also in our choices that impact life. Starting from this point, electrical vehicles which can be comfortably preferred by all the people with a driving license from every age, gender and geography, removes the words such as “petrol” and “poisonous gas” from our life. Therefore, every conscious consumer, both in the sense of environment and economy, is aimed towards use of electric vehicle. In addition to that, the electric vehicles combined with property of easy recharge and long-life battery technology are becoming good fellow travelers of the users. In the name of informing its consumers Pilotcar feels the need of stating that the difference between a vehicle with electrical motor and a vehicle with internal combustion motor is not limited with the motors only. Likewise, in difference to internal combustion motors, electrical vehicles removes the need for gearbox and driven plate assembly and the parts removed are not limited with these and this creates a difference in the economic sense. When we think that the gasoline used in Turkey is the most expensive in the world, we can even say that absence of these in the electric vehicle relives us. When we look at the world scale, USA and China being at the first place, electrical vehicles which are preferred in an appreciable speed in Europe, in daily life, can be comfortably used by people having a driving license from all ages. Especially in the crowded cities, in those towns where a lot of time is spent in traffic and in those countries where the price of gasoline is extremely high, the electrical vehicles are preferred by young and old people; regardless of gender. As a leader firm that feels the pulse of electric vehicles sales and use in the world and in Turkey, with its advantageous electric vehicle offers, different brand and model variety, addresses consumers from all strata.

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