It is everyone’s duty to leave the future generations a livable world.
On this subject, we are doing what we are supposed to do for our
share and we are manufacturing environmentally sensitive,
new generation %100 electrical vehicles.

What are the contributions of electrical vehicle to the environment and how do they do it?

  • 2023-09-19
What are the contributions of electrical vehicle to the environment and how do they do it?

Electrical vehicles which are types of vehicles that are run by one or more electric motors use the electric stored in a battery, obtained and important impact and place within the automobile sector in which it had gained a fast acceleration. Among the major reasons of this, of course there is the direct or indirect benefit of this to the environment and our pocket. As Pilotcar which, in terms of investments and models, is the pioneer name of electric car sector in Turkey, we see a benefit in underlying the electrical vehicles’ contribution to the environment. Electrical vehicles make their mark on the century as the only means of transportation that can block the environmental pollution associated with the emission of engine compared to automobiles that work on internal combustion motors. Today, air pollution that sits on the city like a taint, especially during the winter months, severally manifests itself. With its system that can block this pollution both in micro and macro, the electrical vehicles neither conducts a gas emission nor causes a valuable and health mineral richness of earth such as petrol, which is the “blood of the planet”, turn into poison in the form of gasoline and diesel. When we consider the gasoline prices in our country, with the use of electric rather than gasoline in running of the electric cars, its’ contribution to our pocket is revealed as well. Meanwhile on the macro side, the electrical cars which block the global warming via reduction in the air and city pollution, with their use that makes life easier and support life, as individuals of the modern era, bring comfort and peace together with them. On the other hand, with the establishment of electric vehicle consciousness, the number of electrical recharge stations is increasing day by day. These stations are located especially within the gasoline stations of the fuel oil giants in the world. Our choices which change in the axis of developing technology and transforming life standards, pushes us towards using electric cars. The advantages provided by electrical cars does not escape the notice of the consumer. Exactly at this point, Pilotcar which provide support for the life with its manufacturing and design, offers several electric vehicles models aimed at the needs to the taste of potential consumers, over the address of pilotcar.com.tr.

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