It is everyone’s duty to leave the future generations a livable world.
On this subject, we are doing what we are supposed to do for our
share and we are manufacturing environmentally sensitive,
new generation %100 electrical vehicles.

What are the PILOTCAR electrical golf car models?

  • 2023-09-19
What are the PILOTCAR electrical golf car models?

Our brand which is one of the brightest names of hundred percent local production and which has achieved several successes within its sector, with the electric golf cars that it manufactures, increasing its sales numbers day by day, both in Turkey and the world. Our brand which creates value by spending the power that it gets from Turkey again for Turkey, has the property of being the first brand that comes to mind, when electrical golf car is mentioned. Electrical golf car models which are the pioneers as much as their manufacturing also with the design, serve in five different categories. These are being 2, 4, 6 people personnel transportation vehicles together with ambulance and mini pick-up truck models for providing load transport services. These vehicles which, in full charge capacity, have 50 to 80 kilometers range also has other properties such as road handling, grasp, ergonomic design, high maneuverability, endurance, spare parts and ease of maintenance. You can recharge these vehicles which are under the guarantee of Pilotcar by plugging into any plug socket either at your home or workplace, and with 6-8 hours of recharge time you may obtain full charge capacity. After charging the PILOTCAR electrical golf car models with an electricity cost of 3 – 3.5 Turkish Liras, depending on the road conditions, you may reach 50 to 80 kilometers of range and reach the lowest operating cost. In addition to security and high quality design technology that is employs in its electric golf car models that is offer in 5 categories, Pilotcar also attempts to create a difference in its sector with the after sales maintenance services. With our policy which adopts customer satisfaction as a principle, by aiming the best performance in the electrical golf car models, for the new models and projects, we continue to take our steps.

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