It is everyone’s duty to leave the future generations a livable world.
On this subject, we are doing what we are supposed to do for our
share and we are manufacturing environmentally sensitive,
new generation %100 electrical vehicles.

What are the advantages of electric cars?

  • 2023-09-19
What are the advantages of electric cars?

Luxury, sports, dynamic, solid, high loading capacity, private or service focused electric cars with their purpose oriented models, nearly everywhere frequently appear in front of us. As Pilotcar Otomotiv San.Tic.ve A.S. within the electric vehicle product range that we have collected under our brand; from sports to classic models, from few people transport models to many people transport models and to the models in the volume area according to loading capacity, aimed at various needs, we are continuing our studies with the customer satisfaction at focus. Transportation and areas of use which are affected by changing understanding of life in the world and in Turkey, with different alternatives, are continuing to support the life. Electrical vehicles which are one of these, both with their possibility of easy use and special designs aimed at the purpose, are becoming practical choices. With the technology that does not produce poisonous gases and fast recharges electrical motor technology prevents the pollution of the environment and the air. Use of electric rather than gasoline also deports your pocket, provides savings in the economic sense. With its portability and ease of use, electrical golf or service vehicles that so not tire you, thanks to small but fast models, brings in the saving on time as well. Within the wide scope of areas of use, there are living areas with large surface area like hotels, schools and campuses, hospitals, factories, huge business places, golf and sports fields, big gardens or parks, but also parts of geography into which vehicles with internally combusting engines running on gasoline are unable to enter (for example, islands) are also included.. In addition to sports of classic, open or closed roof, luxury or plain models, with the special colors and additions the models differentiate and under the name of Pilotcar, for various service areas, they are waiting for you. Pilotcar which, in addition to secure sales advantages, also with the maintenance and use support intends to provide you better and more comfortable life chances, brings together joyous drive and comfort in the electrical golf and service vehicles that is designs and manufactures.

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